Thursday, November 1, 2007

Training for CorelDRAW X3

Hi Everyone!

I am tremendously glad to circulate my CorelDRAW X3 Lesson List here...
I am working for a reputed E-Learning Company, trying to give perfect and excellent knowledge to the people who want to step into the DeskTop Publishing (DTP) Arena and take it as their carrier in future.
But for this I really want to know whether these lessons are helpful for learners….

Please facilitate me by your valuable Comments and suggestions to provide appropriate Guidance or Direction for new learners who are eager to enter DeskTop Publishing Arena.

I welcome your Comments and Suggestions …..

LessonList for CorelDRAW X3 (Level I)

Chapter 01: Author Mentoring
Audience for this course
Job Role
Employment Opportunities
Inspire with samples
Prerequisite knowledge & Skill

Chapter 02: Fundamentals of CorelDRAW X3
History/Origin of CorelDRAW
What is CorelDRAW X3
Raster vs Vector
Why CorelDRAW X3
Course Objective

Chapter03: Setting of Environment
Checklist for installation
Installation Process
Opening Application for first time

Chapter04: Getting Started
Creating, Opening & Closing
Import & Export
Cut, Copy & Paste
Save, Save As & Revert

Chapter 05: Drawing Tools I
Pick Tool
Shape Tool
Roughen Tool
Free Transform Tool
Crop Tool
Knife Tool
Eraser tool
Virtual Tool
Zoom & Hand Tool
Free Hand Tool
Bezier Tool
Artistic Media Tool
Pen Tool
Polyline Tool
Three Point Curve Tool
Connector & Dimension Tool
Smart Fill & Smart Drawing Tool
Rectangle Tool & Three Point Rectangle Tool
Ellipse Tool & 3 Point Ellipse Tool

Chapter 06: Drawing Tool II
Graph & Polygon
Star & Complex Star Tool
Spiral Tool
Basic, Arrow, Flowchart, Banner & Callout Shapes
Interactive Blend Tool
Interactive Contour Tool
Interactive Distortion Tool
Interactive Drop Shadow Tool
Interactive Extrude Tool
Interactive Transparency Tool

Chapter 07: Text Formatting
Working with Artistic Text
Fit Text to Path
Character Formatting Docker
Writing Tool
Working with Paragraph Using Paragraph Tool
Linking Paragraph Text frames
Working with Columns
Additional Paragraph Features

Chapter 08: Color
Eyedropper Tool
Outline Tool
Fill Tool
Interactive Fill & Mesh Tool
Color Palette

Chapter 09: Layers & Object Manager
Working with Layers
Layers Properties
Working with Master Layer

Chapter 10: Editing Techniques
Aligning & Distribute Objects
Visual Guides
Grouping & Ungrouping
Filleting, Scalloping, and Chamfering corners
Viewing Modes
Locking & Unlocking


raju said...

Its very useful blog for the people just like me, who are interested in learn many things. please keep on do these kinds of favours.

thank you,,,

gg said...

I have seen the above content pls modify the Connector & Dimension Tool repeated two times notify and correct it and also an
Interactive Distribution tool change to Interactive Distortion tool.

Pls proceed for your demo

Thanking you,

Ganesan G

Shashi said...
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gautham said...

really a gud blog for d ppl who r keen in new updates...allignment of topics r gud........ waiting for regular updates..hats off....

pathakdesigner said...

ur course starting is nice. and u should mix fill and colour matching, bitmaps effects, lens murging and vector tracing in ur cource

thank you